Friday, July 2, 2010

The YBF Taughts on Chris Brown

NATASHA (YBF): Let's face it. Everybody's heart BROKE as soon as they realized Chris couldn't sing because he was sobbing so hard during "Man In The Mirror." It made him human again, not the monster most people have made him out to be for over a year now. This dude has done everything short of donning Mother Theresa's habit to apologize for his actions. We forgive certain celebs for some of the wildest sh*t, so I think Chris has a pretty good chance of officially being back in the good graces of America. It would be wrong to let him waste that undeniable talent. The people who truly deserved the apology have already forgiven him, so who are we not to? Chris is back, and certain shirtless crooners should be scared they'll get their crowns jacked. Get ready...

Lol is it just me or is the last sentence hitting at trey songz?!
read it again "Chris is back, and certain shirtless crooners should be scared they'll get their crowns jacked. Get ready..."
Shirtleed Crooners?! sounds like him to me..what do you think?!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I really like Drake, I'm a big fan of his, but really?! i swear when he performs its like watching poetry..i don't know what it is but it as if he doesn't have enough energy. He is amazingly talented but he performs as if he is at a club reading is just me?! LOL TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH..

They Skipped The BET Awards because...

There has been news that Beyonce, jay-z and Rhianna skipped the BET awards because CHRIS BROWN was going to perform.. All i have to say about that is WHO GIVES A F88k. Chris brown's performance was one of the best and i can say this with pride and dignity..JAY-Z, BEYONCE AND RHINNA WERE NOT MISSED AT ALL.. TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH..

Chris Brown Micheal Tribute

WOW is all i can say. One of the best performance of the night came from a young man by the name of CHRIS BROWN. Doing a Micheal Jackson Tribute Chris Brown danced as if his life depending on it. It was a moment that we go down in history as the best Tribute to the KING OF POP. I raise my hat to CHRIS BROWN job well done. You honestly made me cry like a baby, i think your cry has touched the nation and I want to send my congratulation because this is the beginning of something new for you.. TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH. <<-- see for yourself.

Trey Songz Performance

So this is the performance that everyone is on the fence about. Most people are having mixed feelings about it,and I have been reading that PRINCE gave him a side look while he was performing PURPLE RAIN. What do you think?! TRUTH ND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH?! <<-- see for yourself

Tribute to Prince on the BET Awards

At the BET Awards they did a tribute to a living legend Prince. Personally i taught the tribute could have and should have been better. The highlights of that tribute had to be Alicia Keys and Patti LaBelle. As i said before this is my opinion what do you guys think? TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH..